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Chipper Dove is a rock and roll band, based out of North Jersey, that is hitting the New York, New Jersey area. Their style of Rock and Roll is a mix of different styles within themselves to create their own sound. When these guys get together, the sounds that they create form a style of rock and roll that is completely their own. "Chipper Dove" has been playing in venues on the east coast tri-state area, such as CBGBs in New York City, Love Sexy in Hoboken, Connections, Obsessions, The Cove, and others. Future bookings include Staten Island, Brooklyn, Hoboken, the Village, and other Manhattan areas. (Times and dates to be announced in you local entertainment section of your news paper.) The band completed a recording project at Pearl Studios in Jersey City last year where they laid down track for four new songs written and composed by members of the band and their associates. These tracks showed the distinct styles of "Chipper Dove" with songs titled "When the Weekend Comes," written by Jack Reustle and Bob Rosenburg. This song was aired on New York's WPLJ Radio Station on the Scott and Todd Morning Show and on NJ's WDHA on their "Home Grown" feature show. Late in 1998, they recorded their first long playing CD which features re-mixes of the four tunes recorded at Pearl, plus eight new songs composed by the band. This project was recorded in North Jersey at "Big Blue Meenie" recording studios for "Black Pumpkin Distro". The project was produced and performed by "Chipper Dove." The CD entitled "Powers On" .Broadcast.com CD Jukebox also posts online reviews. On March 1, 2000, Dr. Andrew Nelson of Texas City TX wrote in: "In John Irvings "Hotel New Hampshire", Chipper Dove is a nasty, priveleged quarterback who rapes Franny, picks on the boys, and is generally a prototypical Northeast nasty-kind of like one of the "bad" kennedys without the connections. Echoing the New York Dolls, The Joneses, Alice Cooper, and Iggy and the Stooges, Chipper Dove fires off a wicked, riff-oriented mess of adolescent mayhem, like Brother Wayne Kramer and Fred Sonic Smith rising up with their bad axes.THE TALENTS BEHIND CHIPPER DOVE IS JOE-GUITAR ,JACK - DRUMS,BACK VOCALS,RUBEN - BASS,RENE'- LEAD VOX.,MIKEY- GTR,BACK VOX .OUR CD IS AVAILABLE IN STORES, SO CHECK US OUT.YOU CAN HEAR US @BROADCAST.COM CDJUKEBOX/UNDER - ROCK




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